Wanna Watch Some Overwatch?

With Blizzard’s announcement of the release date for Overwatch, as well as the dates for the Open Beta, things are starting to ramp up. The Closed beta returned earlier this year, and added in a multitude of new features, such as skins and other assorted pieces of customizable loot. I was lucky enough to get re-invited to the closed beta, and actually streamed a bit last night.

If you missed the stream, fear not! You can watch it on my YouTube Channel! To make it a bit easier, you can also just view it below. While this isn’t the whole stream, it is at least the part with the least issues in terms of my connection to the Blizzard servers which went a bit haywire (most likely due to my own internet).

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, and I can see myself playing a lot of the game during this beta and into the release of the game. As this was  a bit last minute, it was on a day I haven’t currently planned to stream, but I will be creating a more concrete stream schedule in the future. I hope you enjoy the video, and I’ll be sharing more of my video content in terms of streams and YouTube on here so you won’t miss out. Be sure to keep an eye on social media so you can get the latest updates!


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