Just a Taste

When I first started this site, I envisioned it to be a bit more than just words from my head on a screen. It was conceptualised as a place where you can find any and all the content I’m producing, whether it be writing or video based. Today, the first steps are being made in expanding that.

I recently shared my friends Jack and Ali playing Dead Space 3, who are now 3 parts deep into their Let’s Play. In that, I also mentioned that I’d be bringing you some video content too, and here is the first piece in what will be more regular content.


This is just one small piece of Jack and I playing Rainbow Six Siege, and it won’t  be the only game I will be creating content in. Whether it’s supplements to reviews, Let’s Play, Gameplay clips, all of them will start to crop up more often on the YouTube channel. So please, have a watch, leave a like and subscribe to the channel. There’s a lot more coming.

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