Dungeon of the Endless Stream

This title has two meanings. It’s a stream of Dungeon of the Endless that was a couple of days ago, and it was an endless stream (well, for me at least.) Dungeon of the Endless is a bit hard to describe without visual cues. It’s a Rogue-like, tower defence, procedurally generated dungeon crawler, and acts a bit more like a small scale RTS than anything. The stream consisted of a couple of runs of the game, and it was great fun.

With the amount of different characters, ships to start with, and the random nature of each dungeon, I can see the appeal of streaming this as well as playing it for quite sometime. The re-playability seems almost endless (pun intended), and I definitely will do more in the future, as I try to plan streams a bit more in advanced rather than these impromptu streams lately.

It was my first time trying the game, with my friend who had just picked it up as well but had delved into the single player. If you’ve got 4 hours to kill, you can give it a watch below, and enjoy!

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