Weekend Flashback Review – Unstoppable Gorg

Originally Posted February 7th 2013

Tower defence games are few and far between these days. Recently, we’ve had Defence Grid 2, but mostly, the genre has tended to be a small feature added to other games. Unstoppable Gorg was one of the classic TD games that just felt fun to sit back and play a few rounds. It reminded me of the days of WarCraft 3’s Tower Defence maps, where the game type really evolved from, and for me, was mainly what I played online during WarCraft 3’s lifespan. 

Unstoppable Gorg has a distinctively unique style, as it presents itself with a 1950’s-esque style to its Alien Invasion story, as much as the technologies are clearly from the far flung future. This style is definitely reminiscent of old films that depicted our planet under bombardment from some creatures that don’t come from anywhere close-by. It’s a nice change from the standard affair we’re used to: “realistic,” gritty, serious games.

Not only that, but the fact that it’s a tower defence game also doesn’t manage to make it disappear into the huge pile of others that are available. The mechanics of the game are unique in that your towers actually orbit around the space station you are tasked with defending. These orbits can contain a number of towers which you choose to build, but can also be rotated to change positions depending on what path the enemy ships are following at any given time. It spices the formula up enough to make it fresh, and it means you’ll have to think up some more interesting tactics to get the maximum of medals and points by the end of each mission.

Having a path that the enemy follows really helps.


The game also has a decent amount of difficulty to it as well, and it ramps up fast. Managing what towers you build and when is very important, especially if you’re going for the best runs possible. It’s a curve that can sometimes seem more like a cliff, but it’s there to teach you the basics of the game and, honestly, works extremely well, as it shows you early enough that sometimes you need new towers before you can perfect a level.

These towers are dished out and explained after every mission, giving you the chance to utilize them and figure out their main function immediately. This ends up being very important by the time you have more towers than you can take with you on one mission, meaning that knowing which will work better in combination with each other is the road to success. With research towers, you also get the opportunity to provide upgrades for these towers, increasing their effectiveness in different ways.


Can you stop the unstoppable?


Tower defence games are usually hit or miss, especially with the vast amount of them that have been appearing lately, but this is definitely one of the most unique out there and manages to stay fun longer than anticipated. It’s definitely worth your time if you like the strategy of destroying waves of aliens with superior planning skills.

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