Overwatch – A Clash of Heroes

The beta is over, for good this time. Overwatch is already a huge success for Blizzard, and it’s the first new IP (I don’t count Hearthstone) for a very, very long time. We already know it has an amazing art style, superbly designed and diverse characters, and a great cinematic team creating lore for the game. Why is everyone hooked though?

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What’s Coming Soon – May 2016

What’s Coming Soon is a┬áseries once a month where I go over what content you can expect from Sitoxic Gaming for that month. This will include planned articles (Reviews, Features, etc.), YouTube Content and planned Twitch Streams. It’ll be different every month and may not go into specifics but it will help you know what to look forward to in the future.

The second of my monthly update series, there’s a few things I’m working on. I’ll be trying to get a bit more regular on articles (which should be easier with E3 coming up soon) and make sure that there’s a bit more content on the way rather than the sporadic releases thus far.

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