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When I first started this site, I envisioned it to be a bit more than just words from my head on a screen. It was conceptualised as a place where you can find any and all the content I’m producing, whether it be writing or video based. Today, the first steps are being made in expanding that.

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Weekend Flashback Review – Armored Core V

Originally Posted April 24th, 2012

With Dark Souls 3, From Software’s Latest in the Souls series of games, just around the corner, I decided to go with a review of one of their other franchises. Armored Core V is a Eastern Style Mech game, and looking back, I actually really enjoyed it and am hoping there’s more on the way. Armored Core Verdict Day was the last entry in the franchise back in 2013, so maybe after Dark Souls 3 is out of the way, From can go back to being the king of Mech games again. Hell, give me another Chromehounds and they’d get all my money. 

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Jack and Ali Play Dead Space 3

A couple of my good buddies that I regularly play games with have started playing through Dead Space 3 for the first time. One is completely new to the series, while the other is not. The best part is you can watch their hilarious adventure through their new Let’s Play on YouTube! (I may have thrown together the thumbnail.)

So go give it a watch and see what you think.

I plan on starting more YouTube content within the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that too!

Are Shooters Stagnant?

Gamers like shooting things in the face. Army men, aliens, criminals, hell anything that breathes. It’s satisfying to vent your frustrations by emptying countless numbers of bullets into something that’s trying to kill you right back. There’s been changes from these games over the years. Even looking through the history of the grand-daddy of them all, Wolfenstein, you can see a vast difference. Not to mention over the shoulder camera angles, authentic shooters like Battlefield, realistic shooters like ArmA and even shooters with RPG elements like the recently released The Division. But what’s next? Is there any innovation left in something so simple as see man, shoot gun?

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Weekend Flashback Review – Space Hulk

Originally Posted September 8th, 20 13

Space Hulk is a Warhammer 40,000 based board game that had been adapted into Video Game form back in 2013. While the game did lack in some ways, it was a faithful recreation of the formula. In 2014, a sequel of sorts Space Hulk Ascension was released, and according to the reviews on Steam, was received slightly more positively. Looking back, this game was a good XCOM-esque distraction and is definitely extremely difficult. It may be worth checking out if you’re a fan of the universe! It’s currently available for £18.99 on Steam (or your regional equivalent.) 

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Upcoming Content – Weekend Flashback Reviews

Tomorrow will be the start of a new weekly series on the site. Every Sunday, there’ll be a new article of a previous review I’ve written. I’ll be posting an intro the review, talking about how I feel about the game now and generally setting up the review as a whole.

There’s a wide variety of games that I have reviewed in the past, for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and even iOS. It’ll be a good thing to reflect on and could even be an interesting read for you guys!

So I hope you enjoy, I’ll be pulling from my past articles semi randomly, so the writing style may change as the reviews go back as far as 7 years ago.

The Division: Review

We’re starting to enter a new era of games. The Quasi-MMO games. Destiny was the first, and now, The Division enters the fray. An RPG with MMO elements, but without the massively multiplayer environments and engagements like in games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic or the beast that is World of Warcraft. The Division, as opposed to Destiny, is a third person cover based shooter, based in the modern day after a pandemic in the city of New York. But is it any good? Does it work as this new type of multiplayer shooter?  Delve Deeper

My Reviews and Why I’m Not Using Scores

Tomorrow, my first Review on the site will be going up. It’s a review of The Division and I hope you all enjoy reading it when it hits. There’s a couple more review pieces I’m working on that should be out by the end of next week, but that’s not all I’m talking about here.  (more…)

The Bizarre Feeling of the Steam Community Market

A lot of people know the insanity of prices of Skins for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. For paying a couple of pounds you get a chance at a unique skin for your gun to make it look a bit prettier when you’re playing. The rarest of these, Knife varients and paintjobs, can go for upwards of £300. It can get pretty insane.  (more…)

Wanna Watch Some Overwatch?

With Blizzard’s announcement of the release date for Overwatch, as well as the dates for the Open Beta, things are starting to ramp up. The Closed beta returned earlier this year, and added in a multitude of new features, such as skins and other assorted pieces of customizable loot. I was lucky enough to get re-invited to the closed beta, and actually streamed a bit last night.